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Fresh Install of Snow Leopard 10.6


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Hi guys, i've seen some people around running Snow Leopard on the same motherboard and very similar specs around the internet, but I'm not sure where to begin with Installing as there's so many specific guides around but none for my MoBo.


Could you point me in the direction of some decent tutorials, please?


Thanks, Matt




I have a Retail copy of Snow Leopard OS X 10.6, a 8GB USB Pen Drive (I've read it may be needed) and the Specs for the system is:

Mobo: MSI P43 Neo (I think it's regular Neo but could Neo-F I will check soon)

Processor: Intel Dual Core E5400 (2.80GHZ)

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT

Other stuff: 1x WD 320GB Harddrive(Sata), 1x Seagate 1.5TB Harddrive (Sata), 2x 2GB DDR Ram, DVD Drive (IDE) I think I will remove the 320GB Harddrive as I thought it may make it run a bit smoother then having two.

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