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vmware won't boot off a scsi cd drive

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hi, i don't have a dvd burner so i'm looking for information on how to go about mounting a virtual drive image. using vmware server, i'm wondering if it's possible to install the myz 10.4.6 patched iso. mounting the iso as a virtual drive using alcohol120/DaemonTools/virtualcdclone all mount it as a SCSI drive, but vmware returns the message:


No bootable CD, floppy or hard disk was detected.

However, one or more CD-ROM drives were connected as SCSI drives. Y
ou cannot use a SCSI CD-ROM drive as a boot device.
If you intend to boot from this CD-ROM drive, please connect it as an IDE drive.

Otherwise, to install an operating system, insert a bootable CD or floppy and restart the virtual machine by clicking the Reset button.


VMware Server's own virtual cd drive emulator isn't working for me. Does VMware Workstation boot off of SCSI drives? Is there some way I can emulate an IDE drive using any other software?


thanks all

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