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various Toshiba A85 Laptop issues

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I am new to the forums, and this is my first post. I have 10.4.4 installed on my Toshiba A85 laptop, but have a few questions.


1) as always, and through searching through the forums and the wiki countless times over the last few months, i have to ask, as there is no clear cut answer that i have found. is there a viable driver or kext that supports Atheros wireless cards. Mine is an AR5005G mini-pci card. it is NOT pci-express. just plain old-fashioned pci.


2) OSX, any version for that matter, does not like to install, or even see my built-in dvd drive. I believe it is because my laptop uses an ATI chipset. I dont have the details right now, but I do know it is an ATI Raedon 9100 IGP. anyone have a similar story that has been resolved? if so, how?


3) I have tried 10.4.3, 10.4.4, and 10.4.6, and by far my favorite is 10.4.4. I am not sure of the patches these have, but they obviously have been patched! lol. i like 10.4.4 as when I load it, it comes with the Darwin boot loader, that lets me dual boot into windows. none of the other versions do that I have found. Also, 10.4.6 likes to crash on booting. even if I upgrade to 10.4.6, the bootloader goes away. any insight?


4) I have yet to find a working anything to get the battery indicator to work. every so often when i load a new kext the system fails to boot. anyone have a resolution?


That is all I have for now. Let me know if you know anything!

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