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Help, I broke my wireless

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So I just recently converted to the world of macs. After getting a taste of osx86 I purchased a macbook pro, and last night during the update to 10.4.7 my wireless stopped working. After downloading and installing the update, I was unable to restart my computer due to SWT not responding (waited probably a good half hour.) I forced closed several times and eventually closed SWT (I dont know what SWT is, but it was displaying the azureus icon in the force close window.) Now all i had was my background and the computer was not continuing to restart (again waited probably 20 minutes.) I did a cold power off and booted into osx with no problems, and have not yet encountered any other issues. When clicking the airport status in the menu bar, the menu takes 30 secs to 2-3 minutes to respond. I dont detect any wireless networks even though there are 4-5 of them around. Wired ethernet works great, and as far as i can tell only my wireless is having issues. And being so new to os x i really dont know where to start. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.



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