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Apps crashing my Mac?


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i am using myzar's 10.2.4 to 10.4.5 install dvd.

it is very fast,and i don't have any probs as far as kext's loading,everything

appears to be fine except if i leave an app open for a long period of time,my Mac

locks up except for the mouse curser. i can move it around but will not select anything

and i have to hit the interupt to reboot it.i also can't install iTunes either.it gets to configuring

installer and hangs.either as stand alone update or in iLife 06 Suite.

i don't have these issues if i install 10.4.6 so i really don't think it is my machine.

i would just use 10.4.6 but i can't get sound working,so i need to figure this out.

i was hoping that one of you osx86 gurus could help me out




AMD Sempron 64 (palmmiero core)

SSE2,SSE3.MMX......blablabla to much to list

Gigagyte VIA 8237R chipset

Cmedia PCI 8738

NVidia FX 5200 AGP 8X 128Mb DDR

Western Digital 120 Gb ATA

1GB pc3200 400Mhz DDR System Memory

Optirite 12x8x48 DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive


i would desperatly like to solve this issue it is my last hurdle to get over,

then i will have a rock solid dependable install

i had another small issue and i am thinking it has something to do with what

i was asking about previously.

when i try to install some apps i get an Apple Script Error -4090 or something close to that

i tried to find an answer on the appple script error on Google, but no dice couldn't find any info.

any help from someone would be greatly appriciated,as i am fairly new to OSx86.




Thanks in advance!


magrute ;)

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