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Problems after instalation


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Dear all,


First of all i have to thank you all work that you do at this forum. I'm new on the "mac world" and this forum help me a lot.


Then, the problem. I had windows and linux and when i installed Mac (having windows) give me an error with the grub. I tried the instalation 4 times (trying diferent configurations) and nothing. Now i erase my entire disk and i just install Mac. It seems ok, the instalation is ok and when i try to boot it, it start and then the computer restart. It's always the same, i boot darwin, darwin is loading and restart.


I have an Airis laptop with Pentium4, AMI motherboard and 480 Ram.


Do you know what is the problem? probably my computer isn't compatible to run mac but the instalation seems to be ok... i don't know. I hope you could help me.


Thanks in advance!!!!




Ps. Sorry for my english, it's probably that i do a lot of mistakes :dev:

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