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I got the Myzar 10.4.4/5 DVD (I think) and want to install natively.



I tried it first with my Dell D500 laptop (Centrino 1.4, Intel 855GME, 1GB) and it installed very quickly. The issue is everything is black and white and not readable.



I tried it on my dekstop: A64 3000+, Abit AV8 (VIA K8V800 Pro), SATA HDD (VIA Controller) , Radeon 9800 Pro. Installation loading is a bit slower, but it is in color. When I go to disk utilities I only see my DVD.

I searched (A LOT) on google and this forum but could get the right solution.


So 2 questions:


1) Any way of getting color on Intel 855GME video (1024x768)

2) How can I install on SATA natively with Myzar 10.4.4/5 DVD and VIA SATA ... if not natively is VMWARE possible.



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