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Success on Emachines D5039 10.4.6 JAS


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Ok working install on the Emachines D5039 10.4.6 JAS




Intel Pentium 4 519 3.06GHZ w/EMT64 Supports both SSE2 and SSE 3

Intel 915GAG Motherboard

GMA 900 Graphics


Quartz Extreme - works


SATA and IDE-works

AUDIO - works

Ethernet - works


Install Notes:

On JAS 10.4.6 DVD must install Intel Pack along with SSE3 patch, dont install with SSE2 Patch.

Let it load on VESA video drivers. Then once OSX is running, insert 10.4.6 DVD, then click on the DVD Icon and click on Optional Installs. Click threw and choose GMA900 drivers.


If you get the error "No boot device available" you need to make the partition active

Boot install dvd, once installer is running open terminal

then run fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

enter 'p' (display partition)

then enter 'f 1' (will flag the partition 1 as active)

then enter 'write' (saves new information)

and press 'y' and then reboot



BIOS Warning!

You need to make sure CPUIDMAX is diabled in the bios and NX bit is turned off.

Also make sure all video memory options are at max in the bios. Make sure bios has the Intel Video card selected and not external PCI.




Need to disable sleep modes in power saver. Will not wake up if computer is put asleep.

Apple system profile shows CPU at 3.6 instead of 3.06GHZ.


Other than that, its fast and works great. Credit goes to bodache and JAS.

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