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Installed.... but it won't start

Mr. Jerry

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Hi everyone,


last week i have instlled the 10.4 tiger on my notebook (Toshiba M50-113) and all went ok.

Now it boot, but the onnly problem is the LAN chip (intel)... so i decided to try to install it

on my Desktop too.


Yesterday i have installed it... all ok in the procedure that arrives to the end.

I ejected the DVD boot the PC but after 20 seconds on the white screen with the apple

the display become green and a message say me to reeboot by pressing and holding the

power button.

Every time i try to boot it the same message arrives.


any solution?


my configuration is:


CPU intel P4 3,2@3,6

Mobo: Asus P4B800 E-Deluce


Ati X800 Pro

1 x 250 SB SATA Maxtor

2 x DVD-RW philips



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