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Jas 10.4.6 Boot problem


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When I boot Jas 10.4.6 DVD, after i'd seen apple logo "you need to restart..." message is written on display.When I started -v code, the line that starts with Darwin 8.4.1 is shown.How can I get rid of this kernel panic?


I burn DVD twice one time with Nero, one time with DVD Decrypter.(DVD-R TDK 8x)


My system:

P4 2.0A(SSE2)

Msi i865 Neo-2

2x512 DDR Ram

Winfast Fx5200 (Vesa 3.0)

Seagate SATA I 200 GB

Seagate SATA II 160 GB(win XP)

Maxtor Ata-100 40 GB(MacOSx will be installed into this hdd)

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