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If I build an OSx86 box, will it play this?


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I want to use "Unity" ( http://unity3d.com/ ), the game development system (I own a copy already) but my options on the Mac side are an iMac or a PowerMac. I just don't like the iMac's design, especially the "wide format" screen, and I can't afford a PowerMac. The new Intel Mac Mini's won't work because I need a graphics card with at least 128 MB of video RAM. If I could hack a Mac Mini Intel Duo and add a bigger graphics card, that would probably be the best solution, but I don't think that's possible.


So that leaves building my own box which brings me to this forum. Do-able? If my budget is $500 to $1000, what would you recommmend I get? Has anyone tried the Unity demo on their OSx86 machine?


Probably the best thing to do is to get a "real" Mac, but I just don't like or can afford the options they offer. Plus the idea of building my own sounds like fun.


Your advice is appreciated!

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