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en0 and en1 network question

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So I have been looking everywhere for an answer to this but its kinda specific.


I have a

actiontec m1000 modem/router

macbook pro



I would like to get them all on the same network.


I have to connect in this order until i have a small switch


modem > ethernet cable > en1 > macbook pro > en0 (airport internet sharing) > wifi > ps3


i have this config working fine, internet all the way to the ps3, the only thing i dont like, and

maybe this is because of bordem is that the ip scheme looks like > > >

modem > macbook > airport IS > ps3

And i just dont understand how it can be like that and i want it like... > > >

which it accepts but the internet wont work like that


so i rekon my ultimate question is, can en0 and en1 or ethernet and airport be on the same ip scheme/network

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