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Snow Leopard on APPLE TABLET !

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I am anxious for the release of the apple iSlate or whatever you want to call it that will be announced in less tahn 2 days! Ive been reading up on my rumor sites like 9to5mac, appleinsider, macrumors, modmyi and many of them seem to thibk that the tablet slate thing will run IPHONE OS!?? This would be the biggest disappointment to exist for such a long anticipated device. I know I shouldve just waited till it was at least announced before posting this thread but with the new ARM Cortex A9 chip and all that will be in it if it would be possible to fix the disappointment and put the proper OS that deserves to be on the tablet- 10.6 Snow Leopard. Obviously you would have to go about hackintoshing this device in amuch different manner in order if it ran iphone OS. I definately think that some of the expert hackintoshers in this forum shoulf work with the dev team to "jailbreakintosh" this device to properly put it how it deserves to be. (how bout a dual boot that would be awesome!) If something like this is potentially possible it should be pursued immediately and I would be offering to imput a decent amount of money for all the time and effort put into a project like this that might even include tribooting an iphone with android and web os. If we can get insanely mac and the dev team to work on this together then we shall prevail! (there is a possiblility I might just pay a certain 5 digit number of cash to a team that produces this jailbreakintosh)

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I think it will be an iPod Touch OS(not iphone it ain't a huge cellphone)... the idea of the tablet is for making Appstore Apps more fun to play with


lol I have no freaking clue but since the tablet has been announced in rumors it always has been about iPhone OS nothing about a full OS on it... but if it does come as fully working OS that would be awesome ;)

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