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Network Connectivity Problems


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Let me say, Thank you to all the contributions made on this forum. Because of these efforts I’ve produced a functioning osX86 machine…. Okay, enough, on to problem:





Dell Latitude X300



Intel Pentium M

Broadcom 57x

Intel 2100 *doesn’t work not worried about it.



JaS 10.5.4 Sleep


I’m in an odd predicament, I’m in the process of moving and thus lost my internet connectivity for the next few days. Sadly this is also my only machine until my financial aid kicks in at which point I’ll purchase an iMAC.


That being said.. I’ve decided to “tether” my T-Mobile MT3g (Android Phone) to the dell/mac. Because of these added complication(s) it may not even be a discussion for this forum as it has to do with a lot of other “software” variables such as: TunnelBlick, OpenVPN, and Android SDK.


But, I’ve successfully done so, as a clear sign I’m posting this discussion. However, I have to boot from the DVD with the rd=disk0s1 option(s).


I’m trying to tackle why this is. My assumption is that it has to do with a loaded driver module/kext when I boot from the HDD vs the DVD.


The log from the application tunnelblick reports the error:


ROUTE: Problem writing to routing socket


My guess, either the wrong USB or Ethernet drivers are loaded. But may be something as simple as permissions.


Steps taken:


Ran disktuil repairPermisions - no errors

Backed up all kext to secondary partition - safety.

basic test of USB functionality (copied from usb stick) - copied fine

basic test of ethernet (obtained IP from router) - obtained fine


Any insight? Does os x 10.5.x offer lspci or something similar to view loaded modules? or netsh like commands to test other functionality?

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Well, after playing around with the configuration more I've found that the ethernet (Broadcom) driver was not operating properly. I pulled one from the extensions repository from the kalaway 10.5.2 disk I had around and viola, it worked!


So, to any people out there attempting this... if you are in such a case as mine... make sure the drivers are all correct.


On a lighter note I did get PDANet to work too.. Which is MUCH easier to use....


Now to tackle the iwi2200 drivers...


If anyone has any insight on how to list the devices/modules loaded in OSX I'd appreciate it.. May have to get a power user book once I have full internet again.

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FYI to anyone who runs across this:


kextstat - Allows you to view loaded kext

kextload - Manually load a kext while booted

kextunload - Manually unload a kext while booted


** It should be noted you can NOT unload a network kext. Maybe others as well, but this is where the documentation led me.

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