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I recently built my own hackintosh with a couple of modifications to the Lifehacker build - notably I used the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R board which has the same specs but instead it only has 1 LAN port vs. the 2 on the UD3P (didn't need 2 LAN's and if I might have to use the PCI NIC why get the the UD3P?).


Bottom line, the build went smoothly and I was quite grateful for this forum as a resource - Thanks to every one!


Also wanted to report that I am using an 24" HP monitor with HDMI and was able to update to SL 10.6.2 (I'd hate to jynx myself so that sound in the background is me knocking on wood!). My PNY 9800 GT has 2 X DVI and I am using a DVI:HDMI adapter on the lower port.


But I do have a few questions:

  1. I intend to make this into a multiboot with Win 7 Ultimate and based on the info in the forum I am sure that too will go smoothly (just waiting to get another copy of Win 7). I have an ATI TV Wonder (HD 650PCIe Dual Tuner) card that I want to use with the Win 7 build. Any thoughts as to what will happen or if it will cause a conflict when I use SL?
  2. Is there a way to remap keys on my Logitech LX710 keyboard so I can have an "Apple/Command" key - or would I be better off getting the diNovo for Mac keyboard noted in post #952?
  3. I took a lot of photos of my build that I will eventually post on my web site. I used a USB compactflash reader to import into iPhoto and it took forever(!) to transfer (perhaps 30 minutes to upload 1.5Gb). Any thoughts?
  4. After several minutes of idle time the hackintosh stops sending a video signal to the monitor (I have sleep turned off on the monitor). When I wake it, I get snow on the monitor for a few seconds and then get a clear picture. But on occasion, I've had to turn the monitor off and on to rectify. (Based on the fact that I can run 10.6.2 on my HDMI monitor, I'm not complaining... so take it as an observation!)
  5. I'm a noob so please tell me how I can determine my CPU temps - With Win 7 there is a gadget I have on the desktop; is there something like that for SL? Where can I get it?
  6. Which leads to my final question, while InsanelyMac is an awesome site, are there other sites you folks could recommend I visit to gain more insight in the world of Apple and hackintosh's?


Again, many thanks to all of those who have contributed to this forum (and a special shout out to Stella, SBMac and CoHPhasor - sorry I know I left off a couple of other names but after reading 50+ pages my mind is close to capacity!).


Edit: Sorry, meant to post this in the "Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard..." thread! Should I move it or is it fine here?

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