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HP Compaq 110-1110SG Post Install Issues (mainly Power Management)


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Hi guys,


i'm new to this forum and moved from an Dell Mini9 to an HP 110-1110SG.

Great device, but not as easy to get Snow Leopard running on it as on the Dell.


I know that the built in WiFi Card isn't working, so i ordered today the Dell 1397 which should work (right?)

and then i'm going to replace it.


I've managed to get SL 10.6 installed through NBM 0.8.3, after Installation i run NBI 0.8.3 with the general extensions and bootmanager

over it, which brought me a running system. Then i downloaded the HP General Extensions and replaced them with the

stock ones from NBI Install. This brought the Soundcard alive.


Now my biggest worry is the Power Management:

Fan: Is alway on - what can i do to improve that?

Battery: Shows with a full loaded battery strange things like 4 minutes, then 10 minutes and then it stays at 10 minutes or so

Sleep: Isn't working at all.


Also i ask me how i get best to 10.6.2 now?

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