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Upgrade to nvidia 9800GT killed my wake from sleep? Previously working 7600GT


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All, I have been reading these boards for years and always found help when I needed it. But I've run into a bit of a dead-end recently, so I need to reach out and hope the community can offer some direction.


My system current spec (see signature) is no longer waking from sleep after I upgraded my gfx card.

The only differences between the old wake-able system and current un-wake-able system are as follows:


1) Removed Broken XFX NVidia 7600GT Card

2) Removed NVKush.kext

3) Installed New PNY NVidia 9800GT w/ EFI Strings Only


But since the upgrade and switch to EFI strings, I cannot wake from sleep.


I've tried everything. Upgraded to Chameleon RC4, graphics enabler, efi strings, bios settings, etc.


Anyone have any suggestions?




[EDIT: moved system specs to signature]


[sOLVED]: Some obscure combination in my BIOS . I kept trying different configurations. I always set the obvious ones.. AHCI mode, S3 Only, etc, but there are a lot of options on my board for OC profiles and such. My bios reset to defaults because of the installation of card itself, i.e. being unplugged for a prolonged period. It's likely I missed some not-so obvious setting. And I am now backing up my bios profile...

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