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3Ware 9500S in Snow Leopard?


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My question is two fold.


First, I have a working 3ware 9650SE (PCI-E) installed in OSX on my machine (RAID 0). Works great and lightning fast.


Now, my dad has a 3ware 9500S (PCI) on his machine. I want to use his 9500S as his boot drive. Generally, any drivers from 3ware that support the 9650SE also support the 9500S, but in the case of OS X this doesn't appear to be the case.




1) If the drivers don't support OSX for his 9500S, can I use EFI strings to force it to recognize it, or are EFI strings only for graphics cards?


2) Using the installed drivers that are on my machine, could I somehow trick OSX into thinking his 9500S is a 9650SE so that it would install?


Any info would be appreciated

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