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Netbook brightness (Widget)

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Patched Snow leopard drivers for Intel GMA950 devid 27ae (videocard that exists in majority of netbooks) can't change brightness level for laptop screen.


In most cases people use cosmetic software like Shades. It uses black overlay screen, but do not save the battery life. And we can use shell script and CHUD tools for changing brightness natively, not so comfortable instead of any GUI.


I had written dashboard widget based on shell script and which executes Reggie SE application of CHUD.


How to install.

1. Install CHUD. There is two ways for installing. First way is to find the CHUD package on Snow Leopard retail disc in optional intalls in the hidden folder or to install whole XCode developer tools. And second way is to download package from Apple (Google CHUD for more information).


2. Install widget. Every time when you will press "set brightness" button it will ask you for the root password, because Reggie SE needs sudo previlegies.


3. Have fun.


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