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Need help with AMD instillation


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alright so. i have a AMD Anthon XP 3200+ and ive tried many mac disks. ive been trying with this tiger one. i installed it, it fully installed then it restarts.. wheel spins like its supposed to right after you install it then it just dies. wheel stops spinning nothing comes up stays exact screen with the wheel just not spinning and does nothing. i have no clue how to fix this is what to do. if anyone knows alot about this or can help please do. i am a noob to mac. im new at it giving it a try its running fine on my laptop which is an intel. i have leopard running on it. working fine. but i really want it on my other computer i build it myself. it does have sse1 and sse2. any clue how to fix this problem post on here and if you could please talk to me on msn aim or email. send me an email and ill add your msn or aim. im not always on, thanks please help





AIM- r4ng4 p k r

MSN rboobobhieer2@comcast.net

EMAIL RbOoBoBhIeEr2@comcast.net

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