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Does anyone manage to get sound out of the speakers Apple sold with the G4 Cube? I'm trying them on my homebuild OSx86 machine but get no sound. (sound is working fine through audio out).


In the preference pane for sound I cannot see the usb speakers. They show up correctly in System Profiler under USB. They get enough juice as well. The audio section is System Profiler is not working.


I don't even know if these speakers work on a real intel Mac.

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The Cube speakers need 500mA of current minimum, for full sound they're fed 1A from the Cube mobo.

You need a powerful USB hub that can give you 1A per port (500mA will be enough for personal listening).

Less than 500mA - they don't work at all.

Most PC hubs have less than 1A/port, please check the hub specs before buying.

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