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Hi, I am currently trying to run darwin 8.0.1 on VMware workstation 5.5. But I am having some problems. Here is what I did:


1. I installed Darwin 8.0.1

2. I boot up darwin in VMware

3. When it says "Boot:" I typed "mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -F "1280x1024x888"" (which ignores the boot file)

4. Then I saw that there was actully graphics, with I want. There was a light gray background, a dark gray apple, and a circlular loading thing

5. after that loads for a wile it will say:


Darwin/BSD (osxbox.local) (console)


login: root


Last login: Wed Jun 28 14:19:39 on console

Jun 29 10:37:15 osxbox login: ROOT LOGIN (root) ON console

Welcome to Darwin!

osxbox:~ root#█


So what my real question is that what do I type next to go back to see the graphics again?

so can any one pleas help


Thanks alot


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