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Missing bootmgr error when trying to install windows 7

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Hey fellas, I have a slight problem with my hackintosh. After I built the computer, I immediately installed windows 7 onto one of two 500gb hard drives. Then I started working on snow leopard. Snow leopard is now fully functional but then windows 7 gave me an error saying it needed repairs and to insert the install disc. I did and it tried and failed several times to repair. At this point I decided to wipe the hard drive and reinstall. Now whenever I turn the computer on I get the bootmgr missing error. After that I changed my boot priority in bios to CD first and then hard drive. This bypassed the bootmgr error but I still can't install. Any ideas or solutions? Here are some pictures of whats wrong:
















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when i had this problem i booted from the windows 7 dvd, went to "Repair.." (whatever it is i cant remember) and then to Command Prompt and typed the following commands in this order;


(hitting "Enter" after each")


Try typing the following commands in order: "bootrec /fixmbr", "bootrec /fixboot", "bootrec /rebuildbdc". and then windows would boot normally for me

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