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Leopard on Dell Dimension E510


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Hello everyone. I am trying to install ToH Leopard on my Dell Dimension E510, and I'm having a problem.


My specs:

Intel Pentium 4 with HT 3.00 Ghz


80GB Maxtor Hard drive


I have two internal hard drives. A 1TB dedicated to windows 7, and the 80GB Maxtor I am dedicating to mac. So unlike many hackintosh users, I don't need to worry about partitioning, setting primary partitions, dual-booting, etc (I don't even have both hard drives in at the same time, as I only have one SATA Cable).


So I boot into the ToH disc, use disk utility to format the drive to Mac OS (Extended) and begin the install. It might be worth noting that the first time I tried installing, it ran into an error installing the Epson Printer driver package. So I simply customize the install to remove everything, skip the disc verification, and in a few short minutes I get the success screen.biggrin.gif


And now for the problem...


Whenever I restart my computer, nothing happens. It doesn't boot into Leopard at all, it's like nothing even installed, even though when I boot into the disc again, disc utility says that those 5 gigs are used up. I know my computer can run OSX because somewhere along the line of trying this many times, I accidentally canceled an installation part-way through, and when I restarted, it booted into Leopard, and all was working swell. But just when I thought I had stumbled into success, the computer still wouldn't boot to leopard.


So what am I missing? I know my computer can run Leopard, but for some reason I just can't boot into it. I've searched the forums and tutorials but I can't seem to find an answer to my problem.


Oh and I forgot to mention that I saw on a guide somewhere to boot into the ToH disc, run terminal (I think it's terminal. Whatever is essentially the equivalent of the command prompt), and type something to the effect of

<< misc/usr/[disc name]


I forget what it was. But point is, I did this, and then the terminal said that I couldn't run the operation because the disc was read-only. Any help?

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