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Final Cut Pro 7.X Thinks I have a G4 and Compressor keeps crashing for the fun of it!


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I installed Final Cut studio 3 on my Hackintosh with 10.5.8.

I'm having issues with Final Cut Pro 7.X and Compressor.

By default Final Cut Pro crashes at the RT setup and Compressor crashes at the target format window.

If I uninstall QMaster Final Cut Pro works ok but compressor needs Qmaster to function so it does not work.


If I tell Final Cut Pro to open with Rosetta in "Get Info" it will start up even with qmaster installed but it tells me I have a G4 cpu and that it cant open.

The old CPU hack from previous releases does not work.


Is there a way to verify the official CPU type?

The one in profiler,I think, is over written just to make it look nice ether with chameleon or some special kext... I can't remember which though.



I'm clueless !?


Please help.



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