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ALC 269 Asus N51


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Hi, this is my first post. Basically it's because I can not figure it out by my self, I've search the web, forums but I could not find any working solution.

First I've manged to install Retail OSX SL on my machine. I can not figure out how to get sound working ( the wifi is working pretty well damn it ^_^ it's just sad that it is not my machine :( ). It is an Asus N51 notebook.

Here are specs:


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.2 GHz

RAM: 4 Gb DDR2

Audio: ALC 269

Graphic card: nVidia GT240 1024MB


Any help, kexts or any other working solution ( or to try ;) ) would be nice thanks


PS: On both laptops I'm dual booting with windows (MSI - Vista, Asus - Se7en)



the second machine :


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