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Triple Boot problem


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I've managed to install Snow Leopard on part 1 (efi) & 2, then windows XP on partition 3


Then when installing Ubuntu 9.10 it breaks my windows and sits with a flashing cursor.


I reinstalled chameleon again, so I can see all 3 OS's, but if I try to reinstall XP there are no partitions present.


Have been looking into rebuilding the MBR, but have had no joy


Have Win7 on a raid setup and it can see all the partitions fine and I can access everything.


Any help would be appreciated

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If you want to reinstall XP, follow this:


-Boot into the Ubuntu disc, and hit the 'Try' option.

-Go into System->Administration->GParted

-With GParted, reformat or create new partition for XP in NTFS format (primary)

-Install XP on the new/reformatted partition


That should do it.


You'll probably can't come into Mac anymore, you can try it the hard way (using Diskpart to select the Mac partition to active), or you can use EasyBCD

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