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Snow Leopard on 900A HELP!


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Hi all,


This is an incredible noob question, I know. However, I need help. Please don't tell me to read this that or the other. I've been reading for days, and my head is spinning. I just need someone to take pity on a noob. I have leared a lot! Mostly I have learned that there are a bunch of people out there who know WAY more than I will ever learn.


RESPECT. Here's the thing.


I installed Snow Leopard on my 900a via NetBookCD after a change of wireless card to the Dell 1390. No other bootloader would work. Leopard 10.5 would do nothing but panic, even with NetBookCD. Snow Leopard installed easily.


With the exchange of wireless card, I was able to get Airport working flawlessly.




#1 After the install, I was only able to get an 800x600 stretched resolution. This was when I still needed to run NetBookCD via USB DVD drive to boot. When I finally found a bootloader that would install and actually boot the netbook, it substituted the normal 800x600 resolution. So I have 75% of a 9" screen being used. I can't proceed beyond this point without borking the install. Arggh!


#2 I am unable to get sound to work. It did work once when I did a fresh install, but was not able to duplicate in subsequent re-installs. VoodooHDA does not produce sound.


OK! I think that my problem is that the system is trying to load incompatible kexts at startup. How does one know what has to go when installing a hacked kext?


I know! DUH! This is hacking territory, and you should know what you're doing. But, come on fellas! Let some talented (OK, interested) amateurs in, huh? I have to tell you, I have a dual boot setup with Windows 7 and OSX 10.5.8 running pretty well, and a Mini9 with OSX 10.5.6 goin' on. So I'm not helpless, but there're some mysteries left to conquer.


I have to admit that the whole bidniss about clearing kext caches and touching and sh**, is confusing.


Especially since they seem to have changed some from Leopard to SL.



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