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Finder playing hide and seek

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I've recently come across a problem with my Hackintosh.

The gist of it, is that, Finder cannot see any files on my extra hdd i use for all my media files.

The strange thing is, that the files are all still there and in tact.

For example, iTunes can still play all my music fine and every single song is on that hard drive.


Now, the hard drive, is formatted as NTFS (seemed a logical decision when i wanted to dual boot).

I was wondering if that was the source of the problem. But having replaced NTFS 3G with Paragon NTFS, the problem still hasn't resolved itself.


I've also used X-Ray to check the permission on it, everything in order.


And I've even tried changed finders settings to show all files, including hidden ones, but still no files or folders.


Here's the stat output on the hdd

241906728 613 crw--w---- 1 Alastair tty 268435456 0 "Jan 13 20:10:53 2010" "Jan 13 20:10:53 2010" "Jan 13 20:10:53 2010" "Jan 13 20:10:53 2010" 131072 0 0 (stdin)


Any help/idea/suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).

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