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"Broken Folder" at OS X boot (HOTiSO)


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Hey everyone.


I've installed OS X on my PC using the HOTiSO dvd, i fixed the b0 error by using linux live and setting the partition to boot.


Darwin loads, and boots os x- the boot screen appears (with the apple logo in the middle and the loading animation) after a few mins a stop sign (after looking on apple.com it is a "broken folder" sign or a 'kernal panic" sign) appears and the os stops loading.


I've tried this on my home build PC and on my PC at work, but alas- i get the same error. the hardware is all Intel, so i wouldn't have thought there would be any hardware problems.


I wasn't sure how to discribe the "broken folder" icon, so i couldn't do a search for people who have had this previously.


Your help is apreciated.



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