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Restore Apple TV

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Instead of boring you with how the hard drive got messed up, I'll skip that part and get to the point.


My Apple TV works- but will not do any updates, will not restore, and sometimes I have to unplug it and plug it back in because when I click a movie it will reboot on its own.


So lets just pretend I have an ATV with no hard drive in it at all and I just went out and purchased a new hard drive for it.

Does Apple have the files needed to install the OS back onto a drive so I can get this thing back up and running flawlessly as it was before?


As far as I can remember the ATV HD has 3 partitions- one is a restore partition, one is called Boot, and the third is called Media? I think the restore partition is what has become corrupt.


Anyway- if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.


PS- I'm not really interested in hacks or anything. Hulu runs like {censored} and thats the only reason I ever wanted to hack into the OS.



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