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Mac OS X on a Sony Vaio PCG-K15


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Hi everyone!


Running OSX86 on my desktop PC turned me on to the wonderful world of Mac computing, and so I saved up enough money to go out and buy a Mac mini. I love it! Couldn't be happier -- now, however, I feel dirty running Windows on my Sony Vaio PCG-K15. So, with little to lose and not enough money (yet) to go out and buy a MacBook, I decided to reformat my Vaio and put OSX86 on it. It's now up and running, but unfortunately without two critical functionalities -- wireless networking (no adapter detected), and sound of any kind (no output devices show up in the Sound panel). I'd really like to keep running OS X on my laptop until I have enough money saved up to buy a MacBook, but unfortunately it's going to be pretty unusable without wireless internet (frequently required at numerous locations I work), and I also like to listen to a lot of music with my laptop as well. If anyone can offer any suggestions to get either or both of these working, I would be eternally grateful! And your conscience may rest easy knowing that I intend to go out and buy a MacBook at some point in the coming months (hopefully weeks). :angel:




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