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Curently I have been trying to get mac osx on my desktop for some time, but i usualy give up because the torrent is so slow! But now i am determined to at least try and dive into osx, but i have a few questions.


1 My computer does not have a dvd burner, but in the past i have use dameon tools to install vista, can i use the tools to mount the dvd image i am downloading?


2 How hard is it to set up a dual boot with windows xp? i have read many guides ranging from sounding fairly simple to just really confusing me, and i know computers fairly well.


3 Hows the support for wireless pci cards? I have a belkin desktop card that is necessary for internet.


4 Hows the ati support? I have a 9600


5 Can i Just re-format my spare 10 gig partiton that i have on my hdd? I used it for vista testing but right now its just a fat32 drive for dumping files on, would i need to do any re-partioning to use it for osx other than re-formating it?


I'm sorry if any of these questions are redundant, but im really cautious about OSX, but im not risking any important data because i have most of my files on my laptop, and i would use it for osx but its far too weak (PII 300mhz 128 mb of ram 40 gig hdd)



Pentium 4 codename willamette (2ghz) (i attached the cpuz report)

512 mb of ram

120 gig hdd (110 xp, 10 spare)

ATi 9600 256mb

Soundblaster Live! pci sound card

Belkin 54g wireless desktop card





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