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can't reboot after installation ?

malibu stacey

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Hallo everyone,


here's my problem: I install osx86 per DVD on my desktop PC and it just works fine until i press the reboot-button... afterwards i wait forever and nothing happens. After 30 minutes i shut off my PC and voila, no osx86 can be found ... i searched google and this forum a dozen times for an answer, but i haven't found a solution for this problem.


I even got past the "wating for root device"-problem, so i think it has nothing to do with it. (i have my install partition on my harddrive set as primary master and my dvd set as primary slave).


Does anyone know how to reboot after the installation ?


My hardware:


P4 3,0 Ghz

Pioneer DVD-RW

ATI RAdeon 9800

MSI-Board MS-7048

Chipset Intel-865PE


Thanks for your help !

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