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Disk Utillity Frozen...Won't display disks

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I've been having some trouble restarting and shutting down my iMac Friend. Whenever i try to do those two things, it just freezes and I have to manually restart it. I went to Disk Utillity to repair permissions but Disk Utility also freezes and fails to display anything. I've included a screenshot. I tried booting with the Mac OS X CD but Disk Utillity freezes there also.

I Try running fsck from Single User Mode. Nothing happens



What can I Do? Thanks.

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Well,Did you try to boot up from the OS CD and make repairing to your disks espacially "Macinstosh HD"?.




before did all of that, refer to this site, it may help "http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=11515789".


If you did and all thing is alright, I think you have to reinstall the OS.


Good Luck to solve your problem.

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