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Pci-e "Expansion / Extension" using an Active Backplane, Infiniband HCA in the PICMG1.3 SHB slot?

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Hi, I'm a networking noob. I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out what components are necessary to make a custom pci-e expansion chassis; all without using disgustingly marked up host HCAs and "expansion link board... onestopsystems...wtf" hardware by i.e magma, one stop system, cyclone. I've found a Mellanox infiniband pci-e HCA (MHEA28-XTC DUAL PORT 10GB/s) on ebay and was wondering...


Can it be inserted into a SHB slot of an active picmg1.3 backplane to provide a link between itself and a host computer that has the same HCA card installed?


Can anyone recommend an alternative setup if I'm wrong?


I swear, this part of networking is an enigma that is kept hush hush on the internet. Every listed company above only quote prices (via email) and sell to distributors who sell to resellers... what's the markup at that point? Hmmmm a ridiculous amount considering the manufacturing cost... recoup in volume not petty "solutions" offers. I have a solution... GFY.


Thank you, OS X for life.

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