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Help me please...


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I've downloaded OSx86 Generic Install DVD from torrent site.

And I unrar it. It has two files. The readme txt and Generic-Tiger.iso about 4GB.

Then I use VMware Workstation 5.5 on my PC and Notebook (Pentium4 1.6a and CeleronM 350 none SSE3).

I create the virtual machine with 256MB ram, 10GB IDE HDD, and choose to map the Generic-Tiger.iso to virtual cd-rom drive.


At first, I start virtual machine and boot from cd-rom.

And it prompt like this picture..




And then I press Enter, It show up apple logo and the wait symbol.

For long time later it show message like this..




Then I reboot again and press F8 and type -v for enter the command line mode.

It do many checks and then stop and crash at this page.




So anyone could help me?

Will it works if I burn the iso to the DVD and run setup on real machine?


And don't know more about the version of my .iso file.

The readme only say like this...








This ISO is for -TESTERS- and has not been widely tested accross different system configurations.

So, your job is to report success or failure involving the install process.


Please report your problems and or success stories to: generic.dvd.install@gmail.com



If needed, you can find bender12 and br0adband at irc.osx86project.org in the

#osx86 channel or maybe #osx86.dvd also.


Also, you MUST have an SSE2 or SSE3 Processor.


Before proceeding, it might be wise to check your system specifications against *Known Working* configurations.

This information may be found on the OSX86Project.org wiki.


http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL - Whole Systems

http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCLPart - Specific components


This release includes the following


* TPM (Trusted Platform) Crack

* Maxxuss v0.4.1 mach_kernel SSE3 emulation

* Modified boot files so installation can happen on most Generic x86 PCs




So, I'm waiting for your advice.





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what you have is fake or a bad image and its not going to work

the SAM error is a bad burn or dirty disk but since you are trying to boot a dvd image it cant be a dirty disk or bad burn... the iso is bad

get the release1 patch and the original unpatched phoenix or deadmoo dev dvd and patch it yourself thats the only way.

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