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startup failed:i845&p4 northwood 2.4g&256m


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I have succeed on native partition @ Sis645DX+northwood 2.2G+256M+GF2 400(vesa 3.0) box. audio card wasn't recognized. I patched system with sse3->sse2,it workd pretty well but no sound.


When i switched to this i845 + northwood 2.4G + 256M + GF2 400 box, I can't boot with -x -F platform=X86PC anymore, even did the "dd" again.


Everytime safe booting, system hang up at " kextd[27]: 0 cached , 223 uncached personalities to catalog"

* I have removed GeForce*.kext and NVDA*.kext and AppleTPMACPI.kext


now I can ONLY boot with -s to a shell, can't go farther anymore.


I guess: the first kext can't be loaded so system hang up .


Is it right? how should i do? Someone can help me?

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