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Install guide IPC 10.5.6 HP Compaq C776CA (C700)

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I posted a C776CA/C700 guide some time ago, but it got deleted by forum mods... I still don't know why.


So when I had to reinstall lately to complete my triple boot extravaganza, I thought this might be a good time to repost! I have an HP Compaq C776CA laptop, which is one of the famous C700 series. This model is a great hackintosh base... almost everything works, with very little customization! So here we go.


Before booting to the install disk, make sure to enter your bios and enable legacy access to SATA devices. IIRC you actually DISABLE an option to do this, but I forget what it's called (sorry). Boot to the IPC 10.5.6 install disk, and proceed as normal. Customize to add the following items:


- replacement appleacpibatterymanager

- PS/2 Keyboard driver

- rebuild DSDT


That's it! Install, make sure that on your first boot you use -f -x , and you're most of the way there! I've attached two custom kexts you need to get your audio working. You should also install IntelEnhancedSpeedStep.kext, available elsewhere.


That's it! You're away to the races!



- Occasional keyboard artifacts, no tap/multitouch on trackpad (IIRC these are fixed with the ALPS glidepoint driver, I haven't tried it yet this time)

- built in webcam (vista-only)

- audio line in jack

- wake from sleep (actually it works, but disables all your system fans. You overheat VERY quickly and can damage your computer!)

- some C776CAs come with Atheros 5007 wireless cards. These are notorious, and have their own threads for support. I replaced mine with a Broadcom card... it's very easy surgery, and with a linux live CD you can add it to the BIOS whitelist. Then you're in compatible-land with the rest of us!



Everything else works great. I'd like to try the glidepoint driver, and I'm working on learning DSDT hacking so I can fix sleep/wake. If/when these produce results, I'll update here. Anyone that might like to /be able to help in the DSDT work, please post here or PM me.


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