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Unibody MBP Leopard Install help

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I have a late '08 unibody MBP on which I need to reinstall Leopard or Snow Leopard but my install disk is scratched beyond hope.


I know the upgrade is cheap but I'm broke and traveling abroad. I have broadband access and have already tried downloading some 'solutions' but no dice.


The MBP is currently completely blank - no archive.


One problem is that I'm trying to avoid buying and burning DL disks.


Any ideas on how to proceed? Is it possible to install off of an external HD? Is there a SL DVD solution that will work for me (many of the SL solutions predate the unibodies and won't install on them).


Absolutely any and all advice or comments would be appreciated.


Also, I do have access to a PPC white Macbook running Tiger as well as PC (XP and Ubuntu) access in case that helps. I also have one SL DVD burned that boots but won't install (can't find the necessary files and, yes, I unchecked all the extra fonts, drivers, and languages).




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