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Success for me + extra partitions for soft


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Yep i finally was able without a glitch to install the osx86 on my AMD64 3200+ machine with a AV8 deluxe motherboard made by Asus.


sound is working but the network card was not so i installed a dlink card in it and voila, working network.


then went and installed the Maxxuss-SSE3-to-SSE2_v0.4 patch from within mac os and safari , and all the other was working.


But i had one issue, 6 gig image equal 6gig hard drive but with the space taken.


i had to do something about that, so i went back on xp pro and that is when it hit me, diskpart is good at creating some mac partitions. so i made one.


opened the command prompt then i typed diskpart, then i selected my second disk that mac was installed on, and then using the following command created for test a 10gig partition with an id=af.


code : create partition primary size=10000 id=af



then i booted back in the mac os and went in the tools and using the disk utility i erased the content of the new partition , i know even if it was empty, dont worry you can't do it without that. or it wont be usable.


then presto a new partition of 10gig, i then installed the photoshop cs2 on it and it works....i can use photoshop (max version, downloaded from torrents site) on the mac os from my own pc....


WoW it is something and fast too.


Well that is all hope you guy's have some good experience too.


Ho and the name of the file i search for and downloaded from does torrent site is :



and yes i did not had to do anything just the dd section form all does tutorials as per in this file the flat image is done for you allready... cool hey

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