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Success IBM T43


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The install went flawlessly!


I didn't want to touch the laptop's harddrive for fear of screwing something up involving the rescue partition so I installed to an external USB2 drive which is working perfectly. When I want to boot OSX I just hit F12 and I'm on my way. The screen is displaying at a lovely 1400x1050x16 with the graphics mode key, however no large images apart from the desktop will display (eg, I attempt to open up a jpg and the app window remains blank...).


No ethernet/wifi/dial-up is working, however I was very pleased to see that sound came right up and there have been no issues involving trackpad/trackpoint, the keyboard or microsoft usb mouse.


However, I did get them Bluetooth to work- it found my phone. So I am not sure if this should be added to the list of devices, or if it falls under IBM Bluetooth II...altough I'm pretty sure that it is IV.


Quartz and Open GL are a no go.


Specs: Model # 266871U


Pentium M 2ghz (760)

512 DDR2

80gb (IBM drive), 60gb OSX USB2 drive


Broadcom 5751M Gigabit Ethernet

Intel 2915 A/B/G Wifi

IBM Bluetooth IV w/dial up modem

ATI x300 Mobility

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