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Stuck on boot - GA-P35-DS3


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I have a real iMac and a osx86-System with GA-P35-DS3 board and Gefoce 8800GT.


I've made an image of my 10.6.1 partition with SuperDuper from the iMac and pushed it on one new partition (mbr) on the osx86 machine with SuperDuper.



I've modified all necessary things (Chameleon RC3, Folders 10.5/10.6, dsdt fix, uuid and the kexts)


Booting with option -s seems to be fine.


Booting with -x -v (32 or 64) systems hangs on:


Sep 14 08:17:28 localhost kernel[0]: systemShutdown false

Sep 14 08:18:04 localhost kernel[0]: NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered.



This is the last line...


Anyone Ideas?


10.5.x runs fine on the osx86-machine.

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Ok. Seems some kexts does this.


Only booting with fakecms.kext is fine.


PlatformUUID.kext also isn't needed..... I wonder.




4GB Bug again?


Some Apps didn't start. They just jumping in the appbar and then finally crash.


I had the same thing on 10.5.8. There it was the 4 GB Bug.


Could it be the same with SL?

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