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IPC 10.5.6/TA790GX


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Hello, back again with another question for you folks to shed some light on.


I have a Biostar TA790GX 128m MoBo and I have IPC 10.5.6 working great.

My audio chipset is ALC888 and so I chose this kext.


I go to watch a video of The Three Stooges today and I notice my front headphone jack does not work.

I can hear a very faint sound in them just like in windows XP (grounding problem within house wiring) but thats all I can hear. I went to the sound preferences but under the output tab, I only have line out. No Headphones option. It is like OSX doesn't know I have them plugged in? Is there any other setting in the OS I need to check? I have no rear Line-In either but I don't really care about that, but it maybe a clue to why headphones don't work.


Any ideas, patches, or new kexts?

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