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Guide for GA-P35-DS3L

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First off, hats off to blackosx!


I thought I would tailor this to the GA-P35-DS3L crowd




1) Follow Blackosx's guide


2) This is merely a supplement to his guide so use where needed


Use these files where applicable in his guide


If you have a 8600GT, use this DSDT file. It supports sound and ethernet



If you have a 8800GT 512 card, use this



Here is my extra folder on my chameleon partition (remember to add your dsdt file to this same directory) The extensions allows for support of IDE drives (optical and hdd)





Now I didnt need to update the platform UIDD as blackosx's guide did. I did however have to update the UID of the Symbios file. Update yours to your unique ID



Hope this helps some of you!

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