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Help with building my OSX compatible Gaming PC


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I have never built a pc before, but I've always wanted to and now I finally have the money to. It will be used primarily for gaming. I would like to run OSX because I have always been a Mac user, but I'm not sure about hardware compatibility etc.


I know that it was possible to find pre-patched installations on TPB which sounded like it would be basically headache free, not sure if this is still a viable option anymore.


I already have a case for ATX w/ case fans and power supply which I got from Xoxide.

I have $2000 (wouldn't mind spending less though) for everything else: Motherboard and CPU (I think I also need fans for this?), graphics card, wireless card, usb card, hard drive, dvd drive.


I have been looking on Newegg at the motherboard cpu combos. I'm thinking that it would be better to go with Intel over AMD, not sure if this is the case though.


Any general advice / pointers or specific hardware recommendations would be helpful.



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