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Mac OS X86 10.5.6 and Windows XP OEM

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I have a Dell Mini 10v,I installed Mac OS X 10.5.6 to it and with Apples HDD Management Tool I created 2 Partitions!

1 for Mac OS its Mac Extended (Jouarnaled)

2 for Windows XP OEM (came with my PC) this Partition has FAT


I want to know can I just install Windows XP as normal and does it show up in Chameleon 2?

Mac OS X 86 runs so good now and I dont wanna have more trouble again :)

But I need Windows XP for some Applications and for School.


I hope someone can help me ;)


PS: I am German, My englisch is a bit rusty,espacelly my grammar :P

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I did it that way:


I installed Windows XP on the first Partition (dont forget to reformat with Windows Setup it or after reboot you get a error!) then I installed Mac OS X 10.5.6 on the Second Partition.

After all it automatically booted into Windows,to bootup Mac OS X I used the Chain0 Method.

in Mac OS X I installed the Chameleon Bootloader Setup and removed the chain0 and?

It works :P


PS: reinstall of Mac OS X ist really on Dell Mini 9,10,10v -> just use dellefi,1klick,reboot,done!

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