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volume does not meet requirements- plz help


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hi i am new to mac.

I am installed Leopard 10.5.1 on my core2duo 2.8 processor without a vanilla kernel and video drivers.

(if i select installation going failure)

Now I am unable to update to latest version. I tried to update using software updater,it is saying

"volume does not meet requirements".

And downloaded 10.5.5, 10.5.8 versions and tried to install.still no luck.


Still my video resolution is 1024/768.

How to proceed? How can I update my OS? How to change my screen resolution?


Please help me. ;)


Thanks in advance.


Core2Duo 2.8,

Intel DG41, with inbuilt Graphic card

256MB ram

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updating your system is not that easy with a hackintosh. since you don't seem to be a very experienced user (no disrespect) you'll probably go through trial and error with a few reinstallations. i'd recommend you try installing a newer version like 10.5.6 retail leopard dvd or ideneb. you need the boot 132 cd to start a vanilla install. the error messege could relate to the partitioning of your hdd. do you have a dedicated hard drive only for osx? if so you should use the guid partition scheme offered in the disc utility dialoge upon install.


for you graphics card check this

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