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Introducing OSXReformer


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I and one other person is in development of this program called Reformer, (aka OSXReformer), its a program that adds and removes packages to any leopard install, it has not been tested on Snow Leopard but I suspect that when it has its first pre-alpha it will work. I hope that people will use this for legal versions of Mac OS X but I cannot stop you. It's programmed in C# and it will work under Mono for Linux and Mac OS X. The Mac OS X version is native version and the other developer is working on that. Although I have not spoke with him for a little while. The website can be found at



Please use this program responsibly, but it's only at the first svn release and all it will currently do is list the packages, I will be updating the svn everytime I make a significant change but just check back at the website for updates


If you would like to help develop please PM me and if you want to know about release dates and all just check back at the site every once in awhile


Also, I did post a tutorial in the wiki on how to customize the Mac OS X Installer, in the wiki which can be found here



Please note that this program is perfectly legal (from what I understand) because it does contain any Apple copyrighted files, it only patches them to your specification.

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