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Photoshop spinning wheel of death gigabyte p35-ds3p


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Here is my setup and process:


ideneb 1.6 10.5.8 install via usb dvd drive

vanilla kernel

fix for 800mhz memory

ethernet prov100 (sp?)


jmicron patch




gigabyte p35-ds3p

nforce gfx 7950gt 512mb (fully working!)

audio installed alc89a which is not working. theres an icon, no sound. plugged into green port in back

2.13 ghz intel core 2 duo

4 gig memory 800mgz

hard drive serial ata raptor 74gig


after i installed my computer boots up under a minute and i installed the recent security update and everything seemed good to go!


here's the problem, when i open photoshop it runs great until i try to use the patch tool or stamp tool or try to drag and drop a layer. i just get the spinning wheel of death! i cant force quit or anyhting. But if i try to activate front row via keyboard short cut it works?!?! i can save the file just fine, super quick. no problems with transfering via usb or anything like that. so far besides audio, this is the only problem ive run into...


i ran into the same problem with photoshop when i installed a different version of ideneb 1.5 10.5.7 and photoshop gave me the same spinning wheel of death on the same commands. perhaps ill try another versoin of photoshop but i couldnt believe its that easy.


would this be the "ahci fix" that is provided on the dvd?


i really would like to be able to turn of ahci and run in ide mode if thats possible, i suppose thats a whole trick though.


thanks a bunch team.


xbench results

Results 147.43

System Info

Xbench Version 1.3

System Version 10.5.8 (9L30)

Physical RAM 4096 MB

Model MacPro3,1

Drive Type WDC WD740ADFD-00NLR1

CPU Test 132.15

GCD Loop 249.81 13.17 Mops/sec

Floating Point Basic 119.80 2.85 Gflop/sec

vecLib FFT 96.18 3.17 Gflop/sec

Floating Point Library 132.96 23.15 Mops/sec

Thread Test 182.58

Computation 160.92 3.26 Mops/sec, 4 threads

Lock Contention 210.99 9.08 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads

Memory Test 178.48

System 184.02

Allocate 246.39 904.82 Kalloc/sec

Fill 158.00 7682.29 MB/sec

Copy 169.07 3492.12 MB/sec

Stream 173.27

Copy 158.07 3264.92 MB/sec

Scale 157.72 3258.34 MB/sec

Add 192.79 4106.78 MB/sec

Triad 191.15 4089.26 MB/sec

Quartz Graphics Test 173.12

Line 150.19 10.00 Klines/sec [50% alpha]

Rectangle 211.14 63.04 Krects/sec [50% alpha]

Circle 176.20 14.36 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha]

Bezier 164.43 4.15 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha]

Text 174.49 10.92 Kchars/sec

OpenGL Graphics Test 155.17

Spinning Squares 155.17 196.85 frames/sec

User Interface Test 269.48

Elements 269.48 1.24 Krefresh/sec

Disk Test 77.51

Sequential 145.29

Uncached Write 153.90 94.49 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Write 149.74 84.72 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Uncached Read 129.56 37.91 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Read 150.70 75.74 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Random 52.85

Uncached Write 17.33 1.83 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Write 189.27 60.59 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Uncached Read 137.33 0.97 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Read 184.34 34.20 MB/sec [256K blocks]



here is my audio results in system info as i see the icon, but ear no sound. green jack plugged in..

Intel High Definition Audio:


Device ID: 0x1458A002

Audio ID: 12

Available Devices:


Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack

External Microphone:

Connection: 1/8-Inch Jack

S/P-DIF Out:

Connection: Internal

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